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Portal sites

Hakuichi, Inc. | Official company website http://www.hakuichi.co.jp/
This website is aimed at corporate customers of Hakuichi, Inc. This site has information about metal leaf materials, craft products, cosmetics, edible gold leaf, metal leaf processing, construction, and tourism, as well as initiatives about safety, security, and the preservation of cultural assets. There is also information about employment, including recruitment information.
Hakuichi, the Gold Leaf | Tourism and shopping website http://kanazawa.hakuichi.co.jp/
This website has information about tourism and shopping. There is information about stores where you can purchase Kanazawa metal leaf crafts and gold leaf cosmetics, as well as information about Hakukou-kan, where you can try attaching metal leaf. You can also learn about the history and the manufacturing process of gold leaf, and there is information about the history, culture, traditional arts, and tourism of Kanazawa.

Online shops

BIHAKU CLUB http://bihaku-club.jp/
This general cosmetics website handles orders for Hakuichi cosmetics. You can purchase Kinka Cosmetics, HITOE, and oil-absorbing paper.
HAKUICHI STYLE http://hakuichi.jp/
This general online shop handles Kanazawa metal leaf crafts and sweets, as well as metal leaf materials and other speciality products.
Yui Gifts http://yui.hakuichi.co.jp/
Yui Gifts is a bridal brand from Kanazawa, offering speciality gifts and small presents.
Hakuichi Selection - Rakuten Store - http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/hakuichi-selection/
This is a Rakuten store featuring Kanazawa metal leaf crafts. This store offers products that can only be seen at stores in Kanazawa, as well as products not listed in catalogues.
BIHAKU CLUB - Rakuten Store -http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/hakuichi/
This Rakuten store allows anyone to easily place orders, offering customer favorites such as oil-absorbing paper, gold leaf cosmetics, and sweets garnished with gold leaf.

Products and services

Order-made novelty items http://www.hakuichi.co.jp/activities/craft/novelty.html
Information about gold leaf cards, USB flash drives, mouse pads, oil-absorbing paper, and other items that are used as Kanazawa metal leaf craft novelty or promotional items.
Order-made processing http://kanazawa.hakuichi.co.jp/service/ordermade.html
We take your items, and create original traditional craft items with an added level of brightness and shine from gold, silver, and bronze leaf.


Thoughts from founder Kuniko Asano http://www.hakuichi.co.jp/blog/
This is the blog of the founder of Hakuichi, Kuniko Asano. You can learn about her management philosophy, know-how about fostering a business, and information about lectures.
Haku no Chikara http://ameblo.jp/hakunochikara/
This blog, written by Tatsuya Asano, president of Hakuichi, talks about the charm of Kanazawa metal leaf, the future possibilities, and the efforts undertaken by Hakuichi.
Hakuichi Publicity Blog http://ameblo.jp/hakuichi-koho/
This blog is maintained by a public relations officer. This blog has a wide variety of information, including Hakuichi's new challenges, background information on interviews, and store information.
Hakuchi Shop Blog http://ameblo.jp/hakuichi-shop/
This blog delivers event information and seasonal gold leaf products for each Hakuichi store, changing daily.
Bikazari Asano Staff Blog http://ameblo.jp/kanazawa-asano/
From Bikazari Asano, a store that was opened in the Higashi Chaya District of Kanazawa, this blog offers things such as the mood of a teahouse district and Kanazawa beauty.